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We take a lot of care to insure that your lawn looks as good as possible when we mow it. We rotate mowing patterns to minimize compaction and stress. Our equipment is well maintained to assure a quality cut. Sharp blades are very important. We even have the ability to reel mow.

esthetically pleasing lawn mowing patterns
We use creative and esthetically pleasing patterns when mowing to create an additional aspect of interest to your landscape.

Bed maintenance
Weeds in the beds are kept to a minimum by mulching, hand weeding and the application of pre and post-emergent herbicides when necessary.

Mulching, hand-weedingMulching & Weed control

Flower Bed Mulching, hand-weeding and
weed control on beds

Selective hand-pruning
This method of pruning is time consuming, but leaves the plant looking very natural and allows thinning cuts to be made, which will promote new growth inside the plant canopy. Selective hand-pruning leaves the remaining leaves undamaged and is usually the best way to prune a plant.

This method of pruning is much faster, and therefore usually less expensive than selective hand-pruning. Shearing will leave a very uniform appearance, which is a style well suited for boxwoods, compacta and helleri hollies. We recommend alternating shearing with selective hand-pruning because shearing only will cause the inside of the plant structure to eventually thin out and have leaves present only on the outside of the plant form. This makes it impossible to reduce the size of the plant without making it unsightly until new growth fills in.

Pest control
Jeff Garner is licensed as an Ornamental and Turf Grass Pesticide Applicator as well an Aquatic Pesticide Applicator. We can implement control measures to prevent or eliminate disease, insects and weeds.

Pest control is a very important part of maintaining a healthy landscape. The uses of chemical controls can be minimized by keeping a thick, healthy lawn and planting pest resistant cultivars.

Bagworm evidence on Leyland Cypress  
Bagworm evidence on Leyland Cypress    

We core, or "plug" aerate lawns when needed. This method actually removes plugs of soil and distributes them on top of the ground. This method of aeration prevents compaction of soil around the walls of the penetration, allowing water and nutrients to be absorbed more readily. This also allows gasses to be released from the soil and provides better conditions for seed germination. The plugs of soil later lightly cover the seed.

Lawns are typically aerated prior to seeding, and / or at the beginning of the growth season of summer grasses to promote a thicker lawn.

Lawn, shrub and tree fertilization programs are available. We typically use slow release fertilizers with an analysis best suited for your landscape requirements. Soil samples are pulled and analyzed to identify soil requirements.

We use premium seed and screen the labels to insure the lowest percentage of weed seed (usually 0%) and a high germination percentage.

Fescue usually needs to be reseeded every fall in this region. We begin by pulling soil samples that are analyzed to determine what nutrients are needed and at what rate they are needed to ensure a healthy environment for your particular turf. We first dethatch the lawn if necessary and then core aerate the entire lawn. We then apply the seed, followed by a slow release fertilizer that is high in phosphorus to promote a healthy root system for the new seedlings.

We are careful to apply seed at the proper rate. Too little seed leaves the lawn looking thin and invites weed problems. Too much seed prevents the grass from having room to root well and also creates an environment favorable for disease.

Storm Water BMP Maitenance and Repair
We are State certified in storm water BMP maintenace and repair. We service proprietary BMPs, retention and detention ponds.



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